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We are always looking for volunteers for our many committees and two of the Society’s departments, Archives and Museum

Whether you consider yourself a people person, a researcher, writer, artist, fund raiser, skilled organizer or eager learner, we have a volunteer task for you.

Why volunteer for the MDHS? Volunteers provide very important energy and skills to our programs and activities.

Where help is needed:

Mission Community Archives -- Are you passionate about old photographs? Diaries? Farm history? Talk to the archivist Val Billesberger to find out how you can contribute your skills to the records of our past. Contact Val at 604-820-2621

Mission Museum -- Do you have a special interest in old clothing? Garden implements? Kitchen tools? Talk to our Curator and find out how you can help preserve Mission’s history. 604-826-1011

Volunteer Comments

"I started volunteering at the Museum because I wanted to learn more about the history of Mission…. I love to spend time here (at the Museum) and enjoy typing and reading about the history of people here in Mission." --Theresa

"Volunteering at the archives generates/augments respect for the community and the particularities of its identity. In the archives, one works with good people, meets the same in visitors to the archives and are surrounded by the memory of such people in the written and pictorial records housed therein." --Andrew

"Archives is an interesting place to work, and, believe it or not, exciting - especially when you help a researcher discover information from some 80 years ago. …..The Archivist stresses volunteer recognition in annual certificates, the volunteer photo wall, social interaction at break times and special events, all contributing to a pleasant atmosphere." --Betty

"I started volunteering because I had a desire to be involved in the community and a belief that there is a community identity worth preserving. More generally to act on the idea of volunteering." --Andrew

"There is a variety of things to do at the Museum - skills to learn. I enjoy being surrounded by the artifacts and memories of days gone by. It is always humbling and healthy to be confronted with and reminded of past human endeavor." --Darcy

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